Holistically Pasture Raised

CSA Program

We offer CSA shares to meet your needs with fresh and seasonal farm products. All share contents are raised sustainably right here at McCauley Family Farm. Our pick-up locations include sites in downtown Boulder and on our farm in Longmont. We also offer a CSA Delivery for Denver, Boulder, and Longmont.


Program Overview

Why Join the McCauley Family Farm CSA ?

Because you have never had chicken like this. Take it from one of our satisfied customers...

This chicken is beautifully earthy without being too gamey. The dark meat is worth a sword fight over. Even the breast meat actually has taste! - Lee McClure

Because it is the healthiest, most delicious chicken we could possible raise, and heals the land right here in your backyard.

Read more on our growing practices below,  or come out and see us sometime.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and you as our customer. Rather than simply purchasing food, our customers become “members” of this CSA farm who receive a portion of the farm’s chicken harvests.

Our CSA runs year around. As a member, you are responsible for picking up your share at the designated pick-up site on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  You will receive the share you select in this agreement. Detailed information on shares is located below.


Our Growing Practices

We raise meat and eggs that come from animals that are NEVER given antibiotics, growth hormones or feed containing genetically modified seed. We believe in ecological farming systems that build the health in our soils, our animals and our community.

Our chickens spend their entire adult life outside on grass, which benefits the chickens, and the land.  In dry climates like the Front Range, the pastures need animals on them to keep them stimulated and fertile, and if they don’t they degrade and dessertify. We rotate our sheep and our chickens to mimic the grazing mammals and birds you see in nature. By doing this, we are reversing desertification, sequestering carbon, and growing an increasing lush and diverse pasture.  By living outside on Front Range pasture, our birds are healthy and resilient, and they bring their fertility to the grass that needs it, rather than to run-off that leads to more pollution and dead-zones in the ocean like industrialized meat production. (Context: It’s important to remember that the amount of time a Certified Organic chicken is required to spend outside is ZERO, and the amount of pasture that it is required to have is ZERO.  That is a problem for the chickens, and the land).

It’s no accident that what you get is a very happy chicken that was nurtured and nourished by a functioning, thriving ecosystem, a chicken that gets to use its genius and muscles to forage for bugs, worms, seeds, and grass, a chicken that is quite simply the most delicious chicken possible, and truly, deeply nourishing.    

What do you feed your chickens?

Because we constantly move our chickens to fresh green pasture, we estimate 30% of our chickens feed comes from the diverse diet that they forage for on our Certified Organic pasture (compared to 0% for virtually all Certified Organic chicken you get at the store).  All of our supplementary feed is Certified Non-GMO and is grown here, in Colorado, by farmers we know.

What breed do you use?

Our birds are a red foraging breed.  They are slower growing, and live twice as long as typical chicken you get at the store that is only 5 weeks old (yes, even most organic). The result is more collagen, omega-3’s, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and flavor have a chance to develop and accumulate.

Send us an email with questions: info@fromourfarm.org


Member Benefits 

 As a CSA Member you’ll receive priority to our chicken harvest.

  • Special deals on ferments, pickles, Picaflor Probiotic Hot Sauce and Pepper Flakes, produce and other chicken and Lamb Cuts. **Does Not Include Eggs. Pork and Lamb coming soon.

  • Availability of Pasture Raised Eggs.

  • Recipes and Articles, Invites and Information for Farm Gatherings and Special Events.



Pricing - Whole Share - $135/month

  • 8 Bone-In Breasts (4 Packages)

  • 8 Whole Legs (4 Packages)

  • 2 Wing Packages

  • 1 Large Whole Chicken

Pricing - Half Share - $70/month

  • 4 Bone-In Breasts (2 Packages)

  • 4 Whole Legs (2 Packages)

  • 1 Wing Package

  • 1 Small Whole Chicken

Pricing - Quarter Share - $40/month

  • 1 Bone-In Breasts (1 Package)

  • 1 Whole Legs (1 Package)

  • 1 Wings (1 Package)

  • 1 Small Whole Chicken